Security Guards – Does Dimensions Really Matter?

OK so you are looking to set up your own safety firm. You have not really contemplated the types regarding security guards you may need for your business but you have viewed the media rendering of guards and even security officers. You start to obtain CVs and an individual get height, weight and body fat figures thrown in and on the surface, these potential candidates appear impressive. They match up the stereotypical major and tall, fearsome looking man along with rippling muscles that put Rambo to be able to shame! But cease and think a new minute. Is all that brawn really needed to make your current business a thriving success? Perhaps you need to you better think again.

There are several things to look at when selecting safety guards to work regarding your business

Who are your clients?

For anyone who is concentrating on offering manned guards to pubs, bars and even dance clubs, then an individual might consider dimensions as an significant factor when selecting a guard for the client. However, with the unfortunate rise within violent and deceitful crimes and regarding course the terrible terrorist attacks blameless people have had to endure; it would seem that everyone is feeling typically the need to be more protected and safe. Therefore, the wealth of opportunity for typically the new security organization owner is zero longer limited to the particular entertainment industry.

These days security protects are needed in just about all business arenas. Accommodations, have guards, Hostipal wards have those. tons of posh new developments have ‘concierges’ (security officers throughout disguise in our opinion) and associated with course many key office blocks in different major UK city will have with least one d g. None of the security guards within the fields mentioned above need to have any main muscle ‘bulk’ in order to carry out their own jobs effectively. This specific leads on to the next level, what skills will be needed to in shape your clients needs

Skill units

Generally there are 2 sorts of skill. Physical skill and mental skill. Depending on your current client, your protection guard may require actual physical skills for instance, getting able to manage and apprehend crooks, be physically suit enough to control a crowd perhaps. Or even in some occasions guards may have to be skillful at shielding and protecting by themselves against violence inflicted upon them or even others . With this last mentioned instance, there some sort of plethora of martial arts strategies that can be discovered by guards in order to use after they definitely need to use them. To get a great effective martial designer does not need anyone to be major and muscular. Consider of each of the martial artists you already know with the top involving their game. Exactly how many of them are massive in addition to fearsome looking?

Arguably, more important as compared to physical skill is usually mental skill. The security guard that may control their personal temper, appease a good irate visitor, or diffuse a probably violent situation with the power involving language is well worth his or the girl weight in platinum and is an resource to any corporation.


Ultimately the security guard you location in your clients firm is representing your current business. Any behavior they display whether good or bad is a result of you. As a result regardless of size regarding the person, when that guard is just not professional, pleasant, approachable, vigilant, etc, you could forget about having repeat business through that particular customer. Moreover, not so good news moves quicker than great news so in case you possess a particularly bad guard symbolizing you, news may spread so accelerated that you can end up losing a lot more deals.


It is definitely always good in order to look at what your security guard features done in phrases of training. By law, all security personal are essential to have a very TANTO license sometimes named a SIA logo. This allows men and women to legally function as door superiors, CCTV operators, close protection officers, event protection, cash transit, plus everything else inside the security industry. There are zero size requirements to finish the SIA license. There is however the very least age necessity (individuals need in order to be 18 years of age and over) and individuals do will need evidence of identity

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